Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back In 1776 via a Glass Darkly

Adam Smith is more than an economist, he's a legendary superhero in Riskail, one who fought against the horrid apparatarchists, vile conformunists, and other forces that stood against the mighty empire ruled over by the majestic old man on the purple mountain whose great white house was flanked by shining seas.  Smith is rumored to be one of the Patriots interred within hallowglass and nanoridium.  He sleeps a timeless slumber waiting to be recalled to life beside Jefferson, Hamilton of Macedonia, Alger the Amazing Self-Made Man also known as the Boot-Strapper, Warlord Patton and his demi-canid mechanized cavalry corps, Ford the Industrealist, Carnegie the Magnifient Librarian, Roosevelt-Prime, the Euphoreconomicon's scribe Galbraith--who also is believed to be one of the primary authors of the Analects of the Capitalists, The Masked Gipper with his pin-striped war-monkey, and the other magnificent Rough Riders who defended the Freemarkets, reigned-in the excesses of the Robber-Barons (Carnegie himself having been redeemed from amongst their ranks to become a stalwart member of the band).  Few remember any longer the ancient tales of their greatest battles against the insidious market-forces of Fu Manchu, the Red Saint Lenin and his maniacal beetletariat, the mad bear-monk Rasputin, or the fearsome wrath of Uncle Joe Stalin.

But that is Riskail.  Here and now, in the waning years of the Toxic Age, we know the True Story of Adam Smith and his works, don't we?


  1. Wow. You've pointed me in a good direction.

  2. I'm finishing-up the raw version of some Riskail posts on the Freemarkets, Barbarian Industrialists, and related matters and the whole Adam Smith-Superhero has been waiting way too long to get posted, so this might mollify him for a little while...

  3. The people of Riskail know the truth. We poor Toxians (Toxicists?) are systematically lied to by a wilfully ahistorical exploiter caste.
    The Invisible Hand spreads the wealth, gorrit? *wink*

    Alger the Amazing Self-Made Man

    You mean Smiling Samuel, right? Alger is just one of the guises he adopted to infect people with his signature ideo-animacule*, the Protist Work Ethic.

    * a clumsy precursor of modern viruxes, easily indoctronoculated against.

    Semi-related: what do Riskailians believe of Jonathan Swift?

  4. @Chris: I simply love the 'ideoanimacule' thing--and indoctronoculated--both awesome terms/concepts--can I borrow them for a bit?

    We occupy the Toxic Age, but contemporary scholars in Riskail still fight duels over our precise taxonomic appelation--most commonly we're referred to as the Toxies, or poisoned-plebes, if someone is being classist and unkind.

    Your take on the state of affairs in Riskail is very prescient. I just posted the short 'Fighting Words,' which introduces Urslingen, a character who just plain does not have any patience for revisionists--he was trained as a classical strategist and thus considers military history far superior to the bowdlerized and crapulous nonsense that gets peddled by cynical cabals of unscrupulous scholars.

    Horatio is secretly an escapee from the slave-navy of a certain island nation, as well as being the bastard son of Silence Dogood and was reknowned for his skill with a brass horn that alledgedly was a gift from an admiring angel. Samuel, whom you are referring to, was an imposter-monster sent to kill Horatio by the Queen of Sheba's spatially-displacing titmouse. The mean one.

    These tales of Adam Smith, etal are Children's Rhetoric and Bedtime Stories, you do realize?

    Swift is much respected for his explorations of regions lost after the timebombs were dropped on Europe during the chaos of the First (actual) Diaspora, not the academically recognized first diaspora. His non-stature still flanks the main gate to the sub-compound of the Riskail Geographical Society...


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