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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
Quote attributed to Ben Franklin
(Even if it does turn out to be a mis-quote, it's still a great quote that ought to have been said by Franklin anyhow.)

Zymurgy is the art and science of fermentation. It gives us beer, wine, cider, mead and stuff like perry or metheglin. It makes a lot of things possible. It saved civilization when you couldn't drink the water without catching typhus or worse stuff because hygiene hadn't been invented yet. It also facilitated a lot of socialization that would never have happened without getting some beer into the bellies of hunters and gatherers--it may well be the reason people began to raise grain, hops and so forth. Or not. This is a hypothesis that makes more sense when one is imbibing a few brews, and often doesn't stand up to close scrutiny without the benefit of a few good beers...much like a lot of people you can meet in places that dispense this stuff.


Zymurgy is also behind pickles and sauerkraut and Kim Chi--anything that is a product of the fermentation process. Pickling food not only cooks it, it is a way to preserve stuff for long periods of time. Cabbage, in one form or another has been a staple in the human diet for millennia, and sauerkraut likewise goes back a long, long ways. But instead of doing yet another really long and detailed essay on all this stuff, we've decided to go and enjoy a few beers, brats and kraut at our favorite local happy place of beer-ness.

If you want to have some fun, take a look at the Fantasy Brewmasters site. This is a project that is well worth toasting with a few well-chosen beers.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Resource Links: T

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Tarot -- See Separate Tarot Resources/References post.
Or you could just download a free copy of A. E. Waite's classic Pictorial Guide to the Tarot, while you're waiting...

Tabula Rasa
Interesting and eclectic resource, featuring a history of horror, comics galleries, some RPG stuff and more.

Ideas worth spreading. We love TED. You should check it out--there's just so much cool stuff at this site!

Theban Mapping Project
Archaeology at your finger-tips. Awesome stuff.

Theosophy books for Free
Lots and lots of those old books that so many newage authors pilfer thinking that no one else has ever read them. Now you can not only read them for yourself, you can pilfer them to your heart's content as fodder for your own games, self-help scams, or whatever.

Thrilling Detective
Nice site. Try not to stare.

The Thunder Child
A science fiction and fantasy webzine.
Includes a handy list of Public Domain Science Fiction books.

Timeless Myths
A variety of Mythologies are covered at this site and it's a good place to start-out on a mythic journey of research and discovery.

A great Civil War blog, very informative.

Transylvania TV
Think Jim Henson's studio circa 1970, only in Minneapolis, with more of a monster-centric approach.

Twentieth Level Marketing
Game marketing tips, analysis and news.


Scientists, Sorcerers & Scholars: Index Page

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

(Coming Soon)

(Coming soon)

Cipher Manuscripts
Cryptic books of encoded magical secrets written by stodgy old magicians with not a lot better to do...

(Coming Soon)

Notes Towards a New Magic System
A fairly straight-forward road-map of what we've been working on in terms of magic and sorcery, and what you'll be seeing in the months ahead here at Old School Heretic, Netherwerks, Zalchis and Riskail.

Nothing New Under the Sun
A random headline, some spurious archaeology, and a flight of fancy that leads one all the way back to Old Earth along a river network that passes through pseudo-Egyptian synthecultures. Welcome to the early, formative days of Riskail.

Of Ley-Lines and Such
Ley-Lines, they're not just for breakfast any more. We'll be coming back to this subject with a couple more posts shortly, including a handy-dandy way to incorporate Ley-Lines into your current setting/world relatively painlessly...

Only Human
Thoughts on the implications of 'being human,' and where that might lead in a place such as Riskail.

Plane Speaking
One of our most popular pieces to date, we will be further developing Planes in very different ways across Netherwerks, Riskail and Zalchis in the coming months.

Surrealism & Sorcerous Pursuits (Part 1)
We begin to explore fictive/rpg-oriented sorcery from the viewpoint of applied surrealism.

Underlying Principles of Sorcery & Magic (for Riskail)
A survey and consideration of various underlying principles that make magic and sorcery distinct based upon how they are approached, perceived culturally, and acted upon by their respective practitioners.

Youth: A Troublesome Thing

"Youth is wasted on the young."

Everyone grows old, they might not ever really grow up, but they do succumb to the effects of aging. We are all under the tyranny of the spectre of death. The one thing that all living things have in common is their certain, eventual extinction. Some find this comforting, others are fighting it tooth and nail with every conceivable scientific technique, newage mumbo-jumbo, and everything in-between.

Longevity is the aim of most of this research. Life Extension. Living longer. Keeping your wits about you as the inevitable still happens, only at a slower rate. It seems like a lot of wishful thinking to counter entropy, the way most of the research is being described. But that might be the fault of the media and various experts not wanting to trouble the public with too many things above a third grade reading level. A lot of unfounded claims have been bandied about, tons of new products, mostly snake-oil, are aimed at the ageing population. It's hard not to become jaded or cynical, but probably is a good idea to remain somewhat skeptical of it all.

If you dig deeper, there are some rather intriguing things coming out of the various clinics, labs and research facilities focusing on aging, longevity and how to make the most of the biological hand that's been dealt us in the great poker game of life. But hey, at least it isn't just a big crap shoot. Or is it? Was that Lovecraft again--shut up HPL. You're dead. Get back in your box. Man, is he starting to smell again.


Here are a few Longevity Links for you:
Longevity is interesting. Life Extension is alluring. Both have a lot of promise and we probably ought to do some of these things, like eating right, getting more exercise, and all that stuff. Brush your teeth too. Wow, do a lot of people think that some spritzed-on spray is equivalent to bathing/showering--and you'd be appalled to learn how many people don't brush their teeth, let alone don't wash their hands after going to the rest room. But hey, we all want to live forever. Right?

Maybe not. Immortality has some serious downsides. But it does kinda beat the snot out of mortality, as long as we can dictate terms. No one wants to live out their lives as an elderly geriatric for ten thousand years, at least not voluntarily. Though it might be the sort of thing that happens when meddlesome hackers exploit terrifying viruxive weapons. We want to live longer, but not get older, after a certain point. No one would want to be locked in the perpetual hormonal hell of a thousand-year-long puberty.

Getting old sucks. The whole process of senescence is frightening and a major component of most monstrous beings across nearly all human cultures are tell-tale references to the characteristics of aging, senescence, decrepitude and dementia. We've been afraid of growing old possibly even longer than we've been afraid of dying. And that makes sense. Death is an end that might lead to some unknown something beyond it, while aging has no positive outcome other than death, with a whole lot of helplessness, frailties, vulnerabilities, and humiliations that just get worse and worse as the process continues. It's a horrifying, one-way transformation that changes us into things that we could never see ourselves being as children or young people.

Sure, it's unfair, wrong-headed and cruel to have this attitude, but it is ingrained within our culture. We not only worship youth via the advertising efforts of megacorporations, we villify aging--was the Wicked Old Witch a hot young babe? Nope. Dirty Old Man. Groddy Old Troll. Unless you visit Midwich or Dunwich, it's not the pretty children who are the monsters, but the old things. The Old Ones. Damn it HPL, I told you--get back in there or I'll get out the cattle prod again.


clam can live for 374 years. frikkin clam. You can look over the list of Long-Lived Organisms at Wikipedia. Biological Immortality might not be all that far-fetched, if one were able to reduce the number of accidents, disasters and unforeseen circumstances surrounding and impinging upon our lives. But that'd take a control freak even mightier than Dr. Forbin's Colossus, even with the upgrades that went along with merging with Guardian.

But even if we do eliminate all of that sort of spontaneity, chaos and involuntary change from our lives, what then? Toxic boredom. Endless millennia of narcissistic ennui that'd turn even Elric's stomach.

Longevity isn't the answer. It's a red herring. A grail-shaped beacon, if you will.

The answer is Youth.


Being young, not prolonging the onset of gradual decrepitude. We don't want to grow old slower, we want to remain fresh, young, vital and fully alive for a long, long time. Maybe for hundreds of years, thousands...millions?

Restoring the vitality and vigor of youth to an aging population is far more dangerous, seductive, and certain to become culturally obsessive than just letting people live for a few centuries in crowded tenements eating dogfood and watching gladiatorial soap operas on the vidwall.


We don't want to grow old. We don't want to live next-door to the crazy cat-lady for a thousand years. We want to be young again. We want to be young in a way that most of us never were when we were young. Idealized. Remodeled and restructured from the stem-cells on upwards into perfect specimens of bright, young things. A million Marilyns and James Deans cruising along the avenues of continent-straddling cityscapes built from a warped sense of nostalgia and retro-style.

The future belongs to the young, because love is a battlefield.

But like Pat Benatar says--No Promises...

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 7th
Find out more here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Resource Links: S

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Sacred Texts
An immense online library of all sorts of texts pertaining to people's beliefs. A great resource.

Science Fiction Museum
A site that offers up a Galaxy of content...

Sci-Fi Links from AnsibleUK
Tons of links. Literally digital tons of the things, and all of them pertaining to Sci-Fi...

Sci-Fi Matter
A search engine, directory and index of links for all things SciFi.

SciFi Now
Media site with a genre focus.

Sci-Fi Sites
Another directory to Science Fiction sites...

Sci-Fi Source
Yep, another Directory of Sci-Fi links...

Seventh Sanctum
Great random generators for all sorts of stuff.

Sheakespeare Lexicon & Quotation Dictionary at Perseus
An alphabetical database of most of Sheakespeare's neologisms and fabricated words searchable online via Perseus.

Sherlock Holmes' Timeline
Interesting chronological guide to the literary career of the world's greatest detective.

Always Something Interesting--a site that features tons of Historical Photos.

Snowshoe Men
A group of New England military re-enactors dedicated to the portrayal of frontier soldiers from 1675-1783.

Soldier's Handbook
This is the real thing. All you need to know about the US Army, as far as the US Army is concerned. This is the book that new recruits get to read in order to sort themselves out, know their role, and get up to speed on what all the Sergeants are yelling about.

Some Unknown Members of the Wold Newton Family Tree

Space 2099
This show may yet happen...

Steampunk Writers & Artists Guild

Story: The Seminar Page
McKee's STORY has become something of the Materia Authorica amongst screenwriters and others. We're not so interested in the seminar itself, but the book looks interesting and is on our list for the summer.

This is McKee's online Ministry of Education for aspiring screenwriters, or just any writer at all who can fork over the cash required.

Strange Engines
Cool blog devoted to Civil War Steam Guns and other Curiosities. Quite helpful in doing research for some of the odder bits of technology in Wermspittle...

Streets of Shanghai
A site dedicated to exploring the way things were in Shanghai in the 1920s.

Subterranean Miscellanea
A great site to dig up some cool stuff that they very likely didn't teach you at college...and their links-page can keep you entertained for hours.

Supernatural Horror: Authors and Themes

Supernatural Horror in Literature
H.P. Lovecraft's famous essay available at HPLovecraft.com, Wikisource, and Gutenberg (Australia).

Supernatural Studies


Resource Links: L

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Legio XV
German recreationists dedicated to the Roman period.

All you ever wanted to know about Asia Minor in Byzantine times but weren't aware that you wanted to know about it...Seriously, this is a phenomenally useful site for historical research into a fascinating place and time that just screams out for RPG/fiction adaptation.

Library of Congress
Yep. What more needs to be said? Very handy site.

Libri Vox
Free public domain audio books. Cool.

Literary Gothic
...will disappear in June 2014, so if you want to see if it might be useful, go before then. Shame to see it go...

Lin Carter
Author Profile at Old School Heretic (Coming Soon)
At Wikipedia

Low-Tech Magazine
A tremendously useful place to get ideas about what people actually can do with minimal technology...

Honorable Mention:
(Young) Lin Carter blog
It doesn't get updated much, but when it does, it should be interesting, especially since the author is hard at work on a biography of Lin Carter.


Resource Links: P

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Cool bits of the future from the past. The older site is still available as an archive of sorts.

PaleoMap Project
Awesome Map-geekery of the best sort.

Pen & Paper News
RPG News and Reviews.

A digital library of mythology that is one of the absolute best places to start digging around into matters mythological. They cover Greek Roman, Germanic, Arabic and Renaissance mythologies and more. Be Warned: this site can steal hours from you...

A webzine that delivers art, science fiction and more. Very interesting place to visit.

Philotomy's OD&D Musings
The essential site to go rummaging around in if you're at all interested in OD&D and/or those Retro-Clone systems that are modeled upon it.

A word-nerd's treasure house.

Pictorial Guide to the Tarot by A. E. Waite
This classic is now in Public Domain, so go download yourself a handy reference copy.

Poe Stories
All of Poe's fiction in one place, plus digital ravens.

Puckle's Mobile Gun
Interesting bit of antique ordnance...

Pulp Fantasy Library
An excellent series that used to run at Grognardia, still well worth taking a look at.

Pulp Series Character Reprint Index
An incredible treasure trove of information on over 120+ Pulp Characters that have been reprinted since the Twenties. Very helpful for those of us doing research in this area...


Resource Links: O

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Old School Renaissance Publisher's Group at Lulu
Your one-stop shop for a majority of the Lulu-produced OSR rules-sets and supplements.

Online Books Page
Your guide to online books...

Open Font Library
Many, many free fonts you can use in commercial efforts without any need to license them.

The Online Literature Network
a great place to find obscure classics and old books converted over into electronic formats.

The Old School Reference and Index Compilation. Essentially AD&D with the serial numbers scratched-off and cleaned-up a bit. This rules-set will let you use most of the stuff that was produced for the Advanced form of the world's most popular RPG, breathing new life into all those remaindered modules and so forth. It has also sparked a rebirth of sorts in a cottage industry of developing adventures for a game system that was summarily abandoned by its custodians/care-takers/check-cashers years ago.


Author Profiles: Index Page

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

Leigh Brackett
(Coming Soon)

Charles Fort

Edgar Allen Poe

Clark Ashton Smith
A Quick Note

Artistic Inspirations: An Index Page

Last Updated: April 28, 2011

Francisco Goya


Odilon Redon

Honorary: Jack Katz / The First Kingdom

Public Domain Resources Index Page

Note: There will be some amount of overlap and duplication between this list of links focused entirely on Public Domain Resources and the more general Links to Resources that we've arranged into alphabetical order along the left-hand sidebar of the blog. If anything, this redundancy ought to make your use of these two different resources all that much easier.

Our series: Revisiting the Public Domain will be continuing, and will have its own Index Page, once it has a few more entries.

Featured Resource:

Public Domain Sherpa A very useful tool for tracking down whether something is or is not in the Public Domain, or at least it's a very good start. After this it takes professional researchers, librarians, and lawyers...and money.

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

Archive(dot)org (The Internet Archive)
A tremendous repository of books, films, audio, and more and all of it in the Public Domain. You could spend entire weeks just mining the amazing lost treasures buried all over the various interconnected sites that make up the Archive.

Creative Commons
Everything you need to know, care to know, want to know or just might need to know all in one handy place.

Everything New is Old Again by netherwerks
We go on and on about Public Domain superheroes from the Golden Age, amongst other, related stuff.

A List of FILMS in the Public Domain in the United States
From Wikipedia

The Free Library
Millions of articles, books and more all of it free and online and ready to go right now.

Google Books
A quick and painless way to find online references that you probably already know about, but since we dislike assuming things, we included it anyhow.

Government Comics
The University of Nebraska at Lincoln maintains a sizable collection of vintage Government Comics that has to be seen to be believed. Some of this stuff might well prove useful to writers, artists, alternative historians, DMs and other mad-folk.

Hathi Trust
An online research library that can get you results that Google Books can't and probably won't.

The first place to go to do research on obscure, out-of-print and other characters from across the world.

Karen's Whimsy
A wonderful Public Domain Clip-Art site.

Free Audiobooks. Good ones.

Old Book Illustrations
A great place to discover old, vintage, obscure bits of graphics, design elements and full illustrations derived from ... you guessed it ... Old Books.

Open Clip Art Library
A place to browse for clip-art, if you have a need for it--also a good source for reference images.

Open Library
Your online lending library away from the library.

Photos of the Great War
Photography from World War One. Be warned: you could lose a few hours sifting through this site if the subject matter is at all of any interest to you...and they provide a nice set of links to take you farther down into the trenches...

A great blog devoted to scrounging about and exploring vintage photos and associated things of great interest to anyone interested in said things, like us and maybe two of you lot.

Project Gutenberg
The original and still one of the best sources for Public Domain editions of just about anything/everything that has ever been written/published. It just keeps on growing and getting better--but they need all our support to keep going. Or better yet, you could sign-on as an editor, scanner or other volunteer...and of course they always need charitable contributions...

Public Domain
As explained by Wikipedia

Public Domain Archive (and Reprints)
An experimental site that transitioned into a Search Engine for Public Domain Books.

Public Domain Characters
At Comic Vine. A good place to learn more about who and what's out there in the Public Domain.

Public Domain Clip-Art: Karen's Whimsy

Public Domain Image Resources
At Wikipedia

Public Domain Resources for Your Game by Netherwerks

Public Domain Superheroes
A site that went from featuring information on Public Domain Superheroes to announcing its transition to becoming a cartoon-blog focused on Public Domain Characters to silence since Jan, 2011. Maybe they're still getting ready?

Public Domain Superheroes (Wikia)
A Wiki focused on Public Domain Superheroes. Yes, it is a theme.

The Public Domain Treasure Hunter
This lady is a hardcore Public Domain researcher and here she offers courses on how to use Public Domain Sources in your work, but we haven't taken any and probably won't as we've been mucking about in this area for a long time now. She does offer some interesting tips and other stuff at her blog/site. Just be aware of the marketing.

Public Domain Wargames (FREE)
A great source for tons of Wargames that have entered the Public Domain, one way or another. You might find our post on this site useful: Public Domain Wargames: Princes, Pole-arms and (tri)Pods.

Rare Book Room
400 of the great classic books of all time digitized and offered up for your education. What wonderful people!

SF Project at Project Gutenberg Australia
A wonderful selection of Speculative, SciFi, and other stuff that you might not find through the normal channels...

Stories and Characters That Have Had Their Copyright Expire
By no means the only list, nor even the most complete, but it is useful, inspirational and worth taking a look at, even if you're not all that sure just what this whole Public Domain thing is about yet.

A service of the US Geological Survey that allows you to make maps based on real-world data that they have accumulated at tax-payer expense. It'd be fiscally foolish to not use this service.

The Vintage Library
Pulps that you can read from all across the web--a great place to start if you want to find out more about the Pulps and what-all goes along with them...

Vintage Pixels
An online database of images, some of which are in the Public Domain, most are available for use, though a few might cost you some cash...

RPG Brainstorming: An Index Page

Last Updated: April 29, 2011

Bad News Rising
Consider the role of classic Super-villains like Fu Manchu or Dracula. They aren't supposed to be push-overs. They are downright scary, menacing and very real threats to the 'good guys.' They take a long-term viewpoint and tend to have contingency plans, back-ups and more. They do the sorts of things that a good player would do in their place. And then some.

Chocolate in History, Chocolate in RPGs
Done as one of our entries for the 2011 A-to-Z Challenge, this essay takes a look at the role that Chocolate has played in history, politics and more, with an eye to giving writers & DMs ideas that they can use in their own settings and games based on this real-life bitter-sweet stuff.

Jennifer's Monsters
Inspired by our earlier raiding of YouTube for monsters (Some Real Life Monsters), Jennifer of Book Scorpion's Lair volunteered to be one of our very first Guest Bloggers and do an installment of RPG Brainstorming that delivers a bunch more real-life monster ideas.

Some Real Life Monsters
A bunch of real creatures off of YouTube just begging to be statted-up and unleashed on players.
You can find the statted-up versions here.

Weird Archaeology
Pyramids. Buried Pyramids. In Bosnia?

X...The Amazing Mr. X

The Amazing Mr. X, also known as The Spiritualist, is a Public Domain movie from 1948 that deals with an unscrupulous and manipulative Medium known as Mr. X and how he and his nefarious schemes are all bollixed and brought low by getting too involved with his victim (played by Lynn Bari). The film stars Turhan Bey which is worth a few bonus trivia points to those of our readers who are familiar with a certain 'Lost World' of the far future where our scaly friends maintain a significant, if often overlooked Empire...

You can find a copy of the film -for free- at the Internet Archive, or just watch it below, like we're doing. Hey, who took the popcorn?

Resource Links: H

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

H. Beam Piper Encyclopedia at Wikispaces
A really nice project aimed at compiling an encyclopedia derived from all those clues, off-hand references, tid-bits and loose ends that H. Beam Piper left scattered all through his stories like a marvelous trail of breadcrumbs.

Historian on the Edge
A history-oriented blog. Some good stuff there.

History Buff
Another history-oriented blog that is very readable, not dry and boring.

Hexagon Comics
Hundreds of French comics characters that are in the process of getting translated and transferred over to the English-speaking part of the world. There are some fascinating characters in this lot.

Holly Lisle's Web-Empire
This author will give you plenty to think about and reading her blog, or sifting through her site's cornucopia of resources will we time well spent. She can improve your writing just by listening to her advice. Her articles on Worldbuilding are very well thought out and very much worth reading. Her article on Why Everyone Shouldn't Like You is highly recommended, as is her tongue in cheek piece on How to Write Suckitudinous Fiction.

H. P. Lovecraft Archive
The one-stop spot for just about everything the old gentleman from Providence ever wrote and then some.

H.P.Lovecraft's Commonplace Book Online
Yep. All his scribbled little secrets can now be yours with but a click of the mouse.

H. P. Lovecraft's Copyright Status: Black Seas of Copyright
Essential information for anyone getting tangled-up with the Mythos.

Late Medieval Norse Recreationists who can teach you a few things about what life was actually like, and how things got done back then. Very worthwhile site.


Resource Links: I

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

The public's library and digital archive.

An interesting zine that delivers some really intriguing Speculative Fiction you most likely haven't seen already elsewhere.

Is this a good alternative to Mediafire, for example?

Indie Press Revolution
A site we definitely haven't had a chance to explore nearly well enough. It's here that you can find Ken Hite's always interesting Out of the Box column.

Inkwell Ideas
The makers of Hexographer mapping software, amongst a number of other really interesting tools for Game Masters.

Innsmouth Free Press
While you might not read about what those Whateley boys are up to this week, you can catch-up on a bunch of reviews, fiction, articles and interviews.

International Catalog of Super Heroes
Just what it says on the tin: an online catalog of every known super hero from around the world, all in one place. Great nerdy stuff!


Resource Links: G

Last Updated: February 9, 2014

Galactic Central
An extensive index of magazines, including Pulps and others, that can keep a researcher busy for days...

The Game Crafter
These people will help you produce the parts and print the cards or whatever it takes to make your home-brewed game into a published, transactable reality...We haven't tried them out just yet, but they really seem to know what they are doing!

Gaming Paper
Purveyors of fine game-oriented hex-paper that comes on a roll, and in other formats as well. Interesting niche-oriented hobby supporting business.

An online discussion list devoted to the literature produced between 1800-1919, with an especial emphasis on adventures and weird stuff. Yay!

The Gatehouse
An excellent Steampunk, Dieselpunk,and related resource site.

Genetic Archaeology
A site devoted to forensic archaeology. Interesting stuff.

Geomagic Squares
Magical thinking right out of the Renaissance, only with a modern twist.

Girl Genius
Adventure, Romance and Mad Science by Kaja & Phil Foglio. Truly awesome stuff.

The Godzilla Saga
An incredible treasure trove of information and ideas pertaining to Godzilla that bleeds over into the Wold Newton Universe. You might also be interested in our interview with Chris Nigro who builds and maintains The Godzilla Saga site: Go Go Godzilla

An incredibly useful research tool that should only get better as everything 'real,' and 'worthwhile' gets assimilated into the web and all knowledge that matters is online or else, by definition, it just won't matter...or so some people seem to think. We liked books before Google, we still like books, real books, after Google. You can pry that last copy of Encyclopedia Cthulhiana from our cold, (un)dead fingers...

Government Comics
Yep. Government-published Comics. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln maintains a huge collection of these odd-ball treasures, some of which are truly inspiring...

The Gregory Pendennis Library of Black Sorcery (Horror Pulp)
A great blog dedicated to the horror/occult pulps. Fun stuff!


Burning Zeppelin Experience

Burning Zeppelin Experience
This blog provides creative prompts for creative writing that have been quite interesting. We kind of got derailed in our efforts along these lines due to the A-to-Z Challenge, but as that craziness has passed, we're planning on returning to this site for a few more good prompts, like This One, and the micro-story that resulted HERE.
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