Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Is Not Dead Which Can Be Made Into a T-shirt...

So...I was digging through some of the old files of dead projects and such and re-discovered the mini-comic 'Little Wilbur in Lovecraft Land,' from 1988. The original cover-panel looked like this:

On a lark I revised the image slightly, swapped-out the 50cents with a good 'ol IA! and made it green. What do you think?

I kind of like it so I uploaded it to Zazzle and made it into a T-shirt, like this:

The 'Little Wilbur' Mini-Comic never did get completed, though several others did, including 'The Sorcerer,' and 'The Book,' and 'Tamarind (Pt.1)'. Maybe I'll use the newly revised image on this blog as a link to all things HPL/Mythosian that I'm working on or posting about. Yeah. A Cthulhudex, of sorts would be a good idea. I wonder what else is lurking around in those old folders and files?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hither Came Cthulhu...revisited

Hither Came Cthulhu... Posters
Hither Came Cthulhu... Posters by hereticwerks
Make custom prints online at zazzle.com

Ia! Ia! We're testing-out Zazzle for producing some posters...

Anthology Builder

Anthology Builder is a web-based outfit that lets you assemble your own custom anthology of short stories hosted at their site. There are a lot of Public Domain tales available, but what makes this site interesting and worth keeping an eye on is that they are also encouraging authors to contribute stories that have previously already been published; the Author Guidelines are HERE. This seems like a handy way to re-print old works that might be buried in old 'zines or out-of-print collections or whatever. A lot of stuff gets published and then gets lost, sure it was in-print or posted or whatever, but once it leaves the desk of the editor it tends to either sink or swim and a lot of it sinks. Fast. This service is sort of like a second chance of sorts. At least it could be, if enough people consider it worthwhile or useful...and enough quality stories get re-printed through them.

We've contributed a few cover designs. The Artist Guidelines are HERE. Submitting properly formatted artwork is a snap. It's non-exclusive, so it's also a potential venue for artists to re-print some of their art, if they want to try things out a bit. So far we've had two people use our 'Shambleau' cover on their anthologies...

Once Anthology Builder manages to get out from under the reprinting of Public Domain stuff and builds up a decent stockpile of material that got lost in the shuffle, got tapped in OP purgatory, or just plain fell through the cracks it will definitely become a lot more interesting and useful. We wish them luck.

Danger 5

Wow. This is running on Australian TV?!?
Danger 5 looks awesome! 

There's also a Danger Monthly (A New Pulp Magazine), and here's a few More Details via Wikipedia, and then there's the Official Website.

Now, it's time to watch Danger 5: The Diamond Girls...gotta love Youtube.