Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ten Laws to Ponder

Here are Ten Eponymous Laws attributed to science fiction authors, experts, pundits and mythical Irishmen, with a bonus link to a whole pile of other such laws all listed out for your edification and free use at Wikipedia.

  1. Murphy's Law
  2. Finagle's Law
  3. Peter Principle
  4. Sturgeon's Law
  5. Hanlon's/Heinlein's Razor
  6. Clarke's Three Laws
  7. The Three Laws of Robotics (Asimov)
  8. Niven's Laws
  9. Sutton's Law
  10. Moore's Law

Still More Eponymous 'Laws.'

Some of these 'laws' are sound advice, like Sturgeon's Law or Hanlon's Razor. Some of these 'laws' seem pretty useful, at least for writers of fiction, such as Clarke's or Niven's laws. Sutton's Law sure gets quoted a great deal as though it were some of the most profound advice ever offered. Others seem a bit cynical except that so many people seem to rush to live up (or down) to the stated expectations, like in the case of the Peter Principle. But what if we could challenge some of these laws? Or are they immutable truths we cannot escape the way some people look upon Murphy's Law?

All laws imply the possibility of breaking the law. It's implicit. So how does one 'break' or violate Clarkes' Law? Can we challenge Finagle's Law? Will we see Moore's law collapse in our life-time?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown Jenkin is up for grabs!

Image from: Zombiequadrille at Deviant Art

The Lovecraft eZine is having a contest--you could win a sculpture of Brown Jenkin himself. The details are fairly straight forward and even quite painless. Just go check out the eZine, follow or subscribe to it and you've got a chance at winning your own nasty little rat-thing...
Here's a link.

Bujilli 9

What happens next is up to You...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bujilli to Resume at Hereticwerks

After a hiatus of several months, Bujilli will be continuing his adventures at Hereticwerks. The character sheet, Map, and the Wandering Monster Matrix have all been posted to Hereticwerks. The first seven and a half episodes/installments will be re-posted, followed by a quick summary and Bujilli will be ready to go in time for a new episode on Thursday, January 12. New episodes in the series will be posted every Thursday.

Bujilli's Sojourn is an interactive story that gets written based upon the feedback and responses of you, the readers. Each episode will end with a set of options for you to consider and comment upon. The next episode will then be written based upon your decisions, your suggestions and your feedback. You are guiding Bujilli through his first real adventure away from the unscrupulous influence of his maternal uncle. You can help Bujilli find the Synchronocitor and go onwards to other worlds that he might find a place for himself out there somewhere beyond the horizon.

Similar to the old-style Fighting Fantasy books and Choose Your Adventure Books, Bujilli's Sojourn is an adventure that is being created through the ongoing interaction of the readers/players with each blog post in the series. Much like how a classic paper & pencil RPG is played, Bujilli's Sojourn has a character sheet, a constantly updated and evolving Map, a growing bestiary of monsters statted-up for Labyrinth Lord, loads of new spells, and a unique Wandering Monster Matrix, as well as player hand-outs/illustrations and a few other fun bits.

Anyone can play. All you need to do is read the latest episode and post a comment with your suggestion for what you think Bujilli ought to do next. We've included a random die rolling widget along the right-hand side-bar so you can generate whatever die rolls are requested/required in a given episode so feel free to volunteer your results any time. We also are using the Big Purple D30 Rule as promulgated by Jeff Rients...though it doesn't have to be purple. We also need a number between 1 and 6, as in a D6 roll at the end of each episode as that will help determine the whole Wandering Monster thing.

This is a collaborative, open-ended game where you determine what happens next.

You Choose What Bujilli Does and Where He Goes...

You Decide.