Friday, August 19, 2011

Planet Pulp

The Planet Pulp blog is hosting a fictional travel poster show, featuring works much like the above poster for Arrakis (Dune) that was done by artist Clay Sisk (http://www.siskart.com/ ). We highly recommend that you check it out. the link is: http://www.planet-pulp.com/


Monday, August 15, 2011

Double Indemnity

See the entry for this movie at the IMDB:
Last night we went to see Double Indemnity at The Heights. This is a classic film noir study of betrayal, counter-betrayal and murder featuring Fred MacMurray, Babara Stanwyck and Edward G. Bobinson.

The dialogue was snappy, if dated in places, but then when you have Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler co-writing the script, it's hard to go wrong.

The one really peculiar, almost Lovecraftian aspect to this movie that really stood out, but didn't ruin it by any means, was the main character's use of a dictaphone to record his confession...it was just like one of those terrible instances in HPL's fiction where the intrepid investigator into the unknown pauses to fill out his journal, complete with the Monty Python-esque 'Aaarrgghh!' at the end.

But this wasn't a hard-boiled re-telling ofThe Diary of Alonzo Typer, by any means.


Of course, if the femme fatale character that Barbara Stanwyck played had been swapped-out with Lavinia Whateley, well, that would have taken things in an entirely different direction...one that would be a great deal of fun to see explored.

Film Noir and Lovecraft go together really, really well. The Trail of Cthulhu rpg seems to lend itself to exactly this sort of mash-up. We're seriously considering picking it up and running a game or two of crack-pot film noir inspired eldritch madness...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Books Every GM Needs In their Gaming Arsenal

Ken Hite's Suppressed Transmission: The First Broadcast is a compilation of Mr. Hite's excellent column from the Steve Jackson Game's Pyramid site. It is high weirdness done right. In this slender tome you will find a wealth of details on The Philadelphia Experiment, Ancient Astronauts, Space Nazis, Occult Shakespearean Secrets potentially worth killing over, the Great Pole shift and more. Originally written for use with GURPs, these articles are densely packed with tons of information that could easily be ported over to any game system. What's more, Mr. Hite makes all this weird stuff accessible, reasonably understandable, and he provides bibliographical sources for you to carry on the good fight in the event of his mysterious disappearance.

In Suppressed Transmission2: The Second Broadcast, Mr. Hite continues down the rabbit hole on the trail of conspiracies, esoteric secrets, and all manner of truly weird stuff. Any one of the columns collected in this book could easily serve to spawn a complete role-playing game campaign that could run for years. It really is that damn good.

Previously, we thought that these incredible books were long out of print, but as luck or some dread conspiracy would have it, they are both still available for sale. These books should have sold out long ago, but it is still better late than never. We'd very much like to see a third follow-up tome in the series...

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