Friday, February 4, 2011

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Last Updated: February 9, 2014

A Blog About History
We love history. So do these folks. Loads of good history-stuff here.

A Hard Look at D&D is an article from The Forge site that really peels back the rose-colored glasses and challenges some cherished OSR notions. The points raised are valid, as far as they go, but at the same time they do tend to gloss over the continual allure of the older systems. It's an opinion piece. It could easily serve as a straw-man for someone else to knock out a few blog posts about...

Academic Info
A serious list of online subject guides from academic sources. This is a treasure trove of research possibilities. the list of Zoological Museums was kinda handy just recently...

Acronym Required is a website that delivers well thought-out articles on science and technology that doesn't shy away from economics or politics. You may or may not agree with them on some things, but they will give you something to think about.

Action Squad
Modern-day adventurers who operate out of Minneapolis.

Airship Ambassador
a handy site that divulges all the secrets of what steampunk is all about. Just in case you were wondering...

Art, Context & Enquiry. If that doesn't throw you, then maybe it might appeal to you. It is a research and publishing organisation that focuses on contemporary art through Afterall OnlineAfterall Journal and Afterall Books.

THE Alchemy Site.

Alchemy: Names from Alchemy
A compilation of names derived from Alchemy texts.

Alt Hist
A magazine devoted to Historical Fiction and Alternative History.

Alternate History
Discussion forums devoted to Alternate history

Alternate History Weekly Update
A blog devoted to Alternate History.

Alternative Dictionaries
A guide to alternative dictionaries that cover slang, etc. Fairly handy for digging into etymologies and derivations of swear words and other fun stuff.

A science fiction fan-site that has a lot to offer. A lot. Digital tons of great links, reviews, and much, much more.

Antique Words
A selection of old words that have lost tehir meaning, gained new interpretations or just plain don't get much use any more as compiled and presented by none other than C. J. Cherryh.

Arador Armor Library
An impressive online resource for all things medieval-armor-esque. Highly recommended! We also posed at it here.

The Internet Archive. Probably one of the single most useful websites in existence. Here you can browse through millions of Texts, Audio Clips, Moving Images, Live Music, and even Software. This is also the place to go if you want to make use of the Wayback Machine to search defunct websites. The Open Education Project is another thing to take a look at sometime...

Arcosanti is the real-world effort to build an arcology started in 1970 by Paolo Soleri. The Wikipedia entry for Arcosanti is also useful.

The Armour Archive
A place to learn all about Armor that you can try to make. Mostly aimed at SCA-types, it can still come in handy. They have a ton of Essays on Armoring, A Pattern Archive, and lots, lots more.

Atmosphere in Weird Fiction
The timeless essay by Clark Ashton Smith is a brief, but very cogent essay on how to evoke a suitable atmosphere within fiction calculated to have a weird edge to it--the Eldritch Dark site where this essay is hosted is another incredibly useful resource for anyone at all interested in Clark Ashton Smith.

Atomic Rockets is your one-stop shop for all things having to do with Atomic Rockets, literally. Really.

A site that might be useful for authors, but we're still investigating it--if you know anything or have some experience with these folks please drop us a line!

A site that offers a bunch of free, downloadable ebook versions of various public domain titles. You can find Aristotle's Poetics, under A, for example.

Avalon Project
Scanned copies of old documents from as far back as we can hope to go without a time machine. A great site for doing some historical research, especially in terms of law and diplomacy. Thanks Yale!