Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Results of an Experiment in Structured Creative Writing

So here I was looking blankly at my monitor wondering why I didn't have any coffee close at hand and what do I espy? One of those structured creative writing exercise thingys. This one was over at Burning Zeppelin Experience. (A nice blog by the way)

A Creative Prompt. Yeah. I can deal with that. So I did.

This was the result:
It was in the midst of a daemonical plague. A wretched, feverish pollution that brought about hundreds of freakish mis-births that wriggled and squirmed out from the victim's flesh irregardless of their gender or anatomy or even whether they still lived. Writhing, tumorous things formed horribly deformed pustule-sacs that reared outwards from any and every bit of flesh exposed to the fetid miasma that wafted sullenly from the sewers. They tried to close-off the sewers. Then they tried to close off the lower districts.

It didn't do any good.

Nothing could stop the hellishly infectious plague. It was a devilish pox of fertility.

Fetility run amok.

That is why the people flocked to the once proscribed and interdicted shrine of The Barren One, to seek some consolation and comfort from the Mother of Desolation, She of the Sterile Womb, the patient Empress of Wastelands.

And she smiled.

Crookedly. Cruelly. For She had finally won after many, many long hard years...
This little off-hand exercise just delivered the raw text for our opening bit of fluff-fiction for our second Adventure...and we've gained yet another deity to detail for the A-to-Z Challenge.

Have you given this sort of thing a shot? What were your results?

We might have to try a few more of these. Does anyone have some to recommend?

Thanks to Porky for starting this most recent Microfiction/Flashfiction experiment, at least for us.
And Thanks to Jennie over at Nine Worlds Ten Thousand Things for the continuation of the Expanders! microfiction challenge that started over at Porky's Expanse. You can find several other creative writing thingys over at Jennie's blog, so if this sort of thing appeals to you, go and check it out by all means. The Jarpha have been having a wonderful time over there...
You might also consider naming and statting-up the lonely little monster over at our Name The Monster post at Netherwerks, or maybe you'd prefer to stat-up sea creatures over at the Rended Press blog.


  1. My pleasure! It really is if we get to read 26 daily posts from you guys.

    That's a scary piece of text, but very well done - of course! - and the closing is just masterful.

  2. @Porky: That'll be a minimum of 26 posts at just this blog, but more likely more than that as we have a bunch of topics lined-up for each letter except X. Then we're also doing a minimum of 26 posts at Zalchis (just for the Monsters...not counting any spells, items or other stuff), and we're still looking at how we might do some A-to-Z stuff at some of the other blogs...if the mapping comes together in time and all...

  3. I really like the way you set this story up!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what manifests here and on the other blogs from the A-Z challenge, and trying to decide whether I can reasonably take on the challenge myself. While we are on the topic, X is for Xochiquetzal, xenobiology, xeric worlds or environments...plenty of topics to choose from!

  4. @Jennie: Thanks! The Challenge looks like it'll be a lot of fun--quite a lot of blogs to go visit and read this month! We're nailing down a few loose ends, and we definitely appreciate the X-word suggestions. Xeric Worlds it is. We'll do 12 Xeric Worlds over at Riskail as a bonus. Thanks for the suggestion!


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