Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ten Time Travel Links

Ten Time Travel Links

  1. Modelling Time Travel in Fiction.
  2. NOVA on Time Travel.  (Includes Carl Sagan on Time Travel section)
  3. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Time Travel.
  4. Brian's views on Time Travel--a painless, quick read.
  5. Professor Ronald Malett intends to build a Time Machine.
  6. Time Bandits--the best Time Travel Movie ever.
  7. How Stuff Works talks about Time Travel, or perhaps you'd prefer Time Travel in Physics.
  8. A nice introduction to currently trendy terms and theories for Time Travel. (With Graphics)
  9. List of Time Travel in Fiction at Wikipedia as well as a good discussion of the Mechanics of Time Travel itself, plus a Bonus: Another list of 2,916 works of fiction based upon the theme of Time Travel from SciFan, and another list at Online Books, and one more at Chrononautics.
  10. Adventures in the Fourth Dimension.
Bonus: We wanted to include Edmund Hamilton's pulp classic serial The Time Raiders, which originally appeared in Weird Tales during the late Twenties, but we couldn't locate an online copy, so here's a link to his excellent story The City at World's End instead. Hamilton's work is being re-issued by Haffner Press in a very nice set of collections.

Ten Public Domain Time Travel Books

  1. When the Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells  -- details  (Classic Movie) also: The Sleeper Awakes
  2. The Shape of Things to Come by H. G. Wells  -- details (Classic Movie) also: The Angel of the Revolution (read it)  and Kipling's With The Night Mail at Forgotten Futures
  3. The Time Machine by H. G. Wells  -- details  (Classic Movie)
  4. A Crystal Age by W. H. Hudson -- details (or) Equality by Edward Bellamy  -- details (both Utopian/Dream stories) [or try A Week in the Future...]
  5. The Nightland by William Hope Hodgson -- details  (An Essential Resource for Zalchis) [also The Dream of X]
  6. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain  -- details
  7. The British Barbarians by Grant Allen  --  details
  8. The House of Arden by Edith Nesbit -- details  (With The Original Pictures!)
  9. The Eternal Savage by Edgar Rice Burroughs  -- details (James D. Bozarth's excellent summary)
  10. Voyage to the Land of the Fourth Dimension by Gaston de Pawlowski  -- details
There will be more Time Travel stuff to come...

In the meantime, see our posts: The Time Travelers and The Time Tunnel.


  1. There isn't time travel in "Things to Come" is there? I thought the "Chronological Institute " is just fanciful language for History Club.

    As I recall it's an episodic progression over a number of years not a time travel tale.
    Of course I'm going to read it again thanks to the link.

  2. @JD Jarvis: We didn't want to skip 'Things To Come,' as it is a different sort of time travel--not the literal get in a machine sort, but rather a more oracular, or prognosticatory approach that falls in-between the Rip van Winkle/Buck Rogers sleeping into the future, and prophecy. We're also looking at the Chronological Institute as being one of those things that might be more than was let on at first. It might also be fun to re-read the story or watch the movie in terms of it being the historical records available from the Chronological Society...which leads us to a tie-in with the Time Machine...all of which we're still working on for another post.

  3. Thorough list, as always. You guys should subtitle yourselves "Archivists of the Esoteric." :)

  4. When I saw "Adventures in the 4th Dimension," I thought you were leading up to a discussion of Goblinoid Games' recent acquisition of Pacesetter's Timemaster RPG.


  5. @Trey: Thanks--we're still gathering a bunch more stuff along these lines...but we might just use the sub-title...it has a nice ring to it.

    @Sniderman: We considered it, but decided to just go with what we had already done--this was supposed to go up with the other T entries. We're hoping to get some more details about the Timemaster RPG. Thanks for adding the link.

  6. Time Bandits... excellent choice.

    That's what I *wanted* Planescape to be back in the day.

    Great links, as always.

    +1 to Trey for Archivists of the Esoteric.

    That should be the title to the Netherwerks boxed set!

  7. @Scottsz: We always wanted a more 'Time Bandits' approach to both time travel and planar-gaming, and that's what we built. Planescape was too idiosyncratically the designer's pet setting and left us cold.


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