Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Last updated: February 9, 2014

Campaign Mastery
A very good source of ideas, tips and advice for building, maintaining and running a campaign for gamers.

Captain Action
The 1960's action figure has returned from the mists of obscurity to take his place as a modern-day superhero featured in comics and more.

Captain Spectre
A hero from the radio turns out to be real in an alternate 1939 where one man with a rocket-pack and a good right hook faces-off against electric soldiers, malevolent robots, and villainous masterminds bent on taking over the world. Excellent stuff. Highly recommended -- soon to be featured at Pulp Magnet.

Cartographer's Guild
The online place to find Maps and Makers of Maps. It's a forum, a shared gallery, and a place to show off your stuff and to find tutorials or tips on technique. A very worthwhile site for anyone interested in actually making maps, or in finding people who make great maps...

Chaotic Shiny
One of the absolute best sites for Random Generators that we've found. Their Academic Field Generator is a wonderful thing--we expect to be using it a great deal more as we return to Riskail and the rarefied air of The Academy at Devukarsha. This isn't the usual bunch of random generators--quite a few of these are intended for writers, not just GMs. The Zoomorph Generator is a lot of fun. Try them all!

Chaotic Shiny Productions
This is the place to find out about Bundle-Deals, New Products like Arcane Flavor, or to get the Newsletter. Arcane Flavor is one of the best supplements for D&D that we've read and it really does provide ideas and flavor that you can adapt easily to any edition of the game. Highly recommended.

Children of the Night Timeline (MOONSTAH)
An ever-expanding and updated chronology tracking a vast array of monstrous beings throughout pop culture. Very handy resource for those inclined to examine such beings in the light of Wold-Newtonry...

Chest of Books
A site that provides a wealth of free books, clip art and more. They have a nice section of Fairy Tales, Art Books, History, and Reference Books that are all of great good use. The Dictionary of Dry Goods will come in handy as we go to the Weaver's Isles...and the Dictionary of Wonders and Curiosities is fairly important to Wermspittle as well...

A full-blown RPG from The Welsh Piper. We haven't gotten a chance to run it or play it yet, but we're interested in trying it out. The guy makes sense and the system looks impressive. Hopefully we'll get to play-test it soon.

Coming Attractions
A site that delivers all the news it can get on the Pulps. A great way to get up to speed on what's going on out there...

A thesis paper online that is as entertaining as it is disturbing, if you actually read through this stuff and connect the dots. Otherwise just have fun messing around. Oooohhh Shiny!

ConSimWorld News
A handy-dandy news-service for all things War Gaming/Conflict Simulation.

Creative Commons
A welcome alternative to the usual Copyright stuff.

Cumberland Games & Diversions
The mega-site of all things Risus, Encounter Critical, loads of custom FONTS, All Systems Library, Uresia, and more--lots more. Go there. Click around. Find greatness.

Curiosities of Literature
An uncommon blog/site that is compiling all of Isaac D'Israeli's collected miscellanea of book-lore. Fascinating stuff, but obscure and esoteric...which makes it our kind of stuff.