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Last Updated: February 9, 2014

The Warrenverse
Your one-stop guide to all things Warren by the one and only Chris Nigro.

Weird Beasts
This is a blog by Chris Perridas, it doesn't get updated a whole lot, but if it received more attention, a few more followers and some comments, maybe he'd post some more good stuff like the Loch Ness Monster possibly being an exotic type of Eel.

Weird Fiction
A strange site that has to be seen to be experienced.

Weird Publishers: a Handy List from Old School Heretic.

Weird Review
The Weird Review is a rather nice e-zine/website devoted to Vintage Victorian Weird Fiction, to quote from the Home Page: "The focus is on vintage weird fiction, especially Victorian give or take a couple decades, with a little extra focus toward the Short Story. Reviews of anthologies, single-author collections, & even on individual short stories of merit are just the thing, but also of course old weird novels of ghosts & the supernatural."  If you are at all interested in Weird fiction, then this site is a truly wonderful resource.  There are some nice essays and the like on Lost Race tales and novels, vintage Swashbuckler tales, and H. Rider Haggard is well represented.  The essay on Dennis Wheatley was particularly excellent.  You don't necessarily have to be a vetted and papered scholar to contribute, though it could help, probably, especially if you can babble blasphemously, yet prettily, in print.  The Gallery sections will also prove to be of some interest to the usual suspects engaged in vulgar gaming endeavors.  The Weird Review grew out of the Alt.Fiction.Ghost-Fiction UseNet group, the archives of their postings are available here. Overall this is part of the excellent Aunt Violet's Book Museum site, one of those treasure troves of Weirdness online that can steal hours from your day and leave you wondering just where you ran into a Shambleau...oh and they are open to contributions/submissions pertaining to the Weird, and anything else pertinent to the editor's various special interests, including swashbuckling/pirate romance tales, juvenile series (Tom Swift), and Lost Race novels, etc.  Very Highly Recommended and with a very high Rabbit Hole Index...

Weird Tales
It endures, it survives and with your help it could still take over the world someday. The direct lineal descendant of the original publication that published the first fevered scrawlings of Howard, Lovecraft, Smith and other Pulp Greats is still being published and you could get your own name included into this canon of literary weirdness...

Wessex Games
They do wargames based on Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Science Fiction, and Victorian Science Fiction.

When the Navy Walked
A steampunk miniatures wargame complete with land ironclads, tripods and more. If you like Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, or just want to try your hand at something other than the usual run of Panzers or Chariots, this just might be your ticket to fun.

Why People Believe Weird Things
This is the blog of the author of this highly entertaining, and sometimes blood-chilling book.

Wold Newton Universe
The ground-zero site for everything Wold Newton.

Worlds Without End
A tremendous online community built around SciFi, Fantasy and Horror books and authors.

Writer's Retreat by Lloyd Cole

from their site:
"Wychurst is the name of a project by Regia Anglorum, the U.K’s leading early mediaeval living history society, to construct a late Saxon (10/11th Century) manorial estate.
The project began in February 1999 with research and the acquiring of planning permission for phase one, as well as the purchase of the land. The land purchase was completed on 3rd August 2000 and construction began in May 2001."

Wyrd, Weird, Wired: Some Observations


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